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Are oil and water shortages manufactured in order to control the economy and human populations?

Are oil and water shortages manufactured in order to control the economy and human populations?

Are oil and water shortages manufactured in order to control the economy and human populations?

What if everything you thought you knew about the nature of energy and natural resources was an elaborate lie concocted to manipulate and control the economy and human behavior? When it comes to the availability of oil and water, evidence suggests that both of these invaluable resources might actually be far more plentiful than we've all been led to believe.

In the West, the prevailing belief is that oil is a fairly limited resource that forms biotically, which means it generates through the decay of plant and animal matter over relatively long periods of time. Oil reserves are currently being used up much more quickly than they're being replenished, so if this theory is true, humanity urgently needs to invest in other forms of energy production in order to sustain life as we know it.

A similar dichotomy exists in the realm of fresh water availability, with the common dogma maintaining that water resources are limited to relatively small underground reservoirs and aquifers that are rapidly dwindling. If the so-called "primary water" theory is correct, however, vast underground water caverns exist that are replete with enough water to sustain humanity indefinitely without the risk of total depletion.
Abiotic oil production means oil availability is virtually limitless utilizing proper technologies
There is an entire school of thought devoted the theory of "abiotic" oil generation. Common in both Russia and the Ukraine, this theory contends that crude oil doesn't require living matter to generate, forming instead from raw materials found naturally beneath the earth's crust. The process combines carbon dioxide with hydrogen to produce methane, a hydrocarbon, and water.

Accessing primary water from deep beneath the earth's surface would mean fresh water for everyone
The primary water theory is similar in the sense that it surmises that fresh water is available in vast quantities deep beneath the Earth's surface. Scientific American says the amounts of water trapped in this "distinct layer in the deep Earth" are comparable to "the sort of mass of water that's present in all the world's oceans."

If this theory is true, it means that water shortages are a myth. The earth is constantly creating new fresh water from deep within, according to the primary water perspective, which means that if certain drilling techniques are applied appropriately, people everywhere are capable of accessing a virtually unlimited supply of fresh, mineral-rich water.

Such technology is already being successfully applied throughout Africa, in fact, with groups such as the Global Resource Alliance creating boreholes for natives to access primary water that is free of harmful microbes, parasites and other contaminants.
Source: Natura lNews

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